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The Incredible Sports Massage

sports massageIn order to be in peak physical condition, an athlete must work their body extremely hard.  Tissue damage, injury, and imbalances in the body are all potential problems that may arise.  Through the use of massage, athletes can prevent injuries, release tension being held in the body, and gain flexibility.  Massage can be used prior to, during, or after; all three times having their own advantages.

Sports massage also acts to improve circulation and encourage the removal of waste products from the body's tissues.  By that same token, it also helps bring essential nutrients to tissues which promotes faster healing.  This is beneficial after a hard workout or an injury, both of which may require the body to rebuild muscle tissues.  Sports massage has also been shown to help reduce fatigue and improve performance.

While sports massage can be very helpful after an injury to support the healing process, prevent loss of mobility, or regain mobility in an injured joint, there are some conditions for which massage is .  These include muscle ruptures, tendon ruptures, thrombosis, broken bones, bursitis, contusions (bruises), and soft tissue infections.  In order to determine whether or not a  sports massage is appropriate for an injury, schedule a consultation with Massage and Spinal Therapy of Winter Haven.

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