Definition of Treatments

Massage Therapy

(All massage treatments include moist hot packs)

  • Relaxation/Swedish - Decrease stress and muscle tension, improve flexibility and circulation. Promotes mental and physical health, ease sore muscles, promotes regular sleep patterns.
  • Medical/Sports/Deep Pressure - A corrected treatment for those who experience pain (chronic or acute). If needed; treatments include moist heat, ice, ultrasound and pelvic stabilization.
  • Couples Massage - A customized massage for two and a candlelit room. Includes our celebration package!
    couples massage
  • Signature Stress Relief Massage - Ultimate relaxation! This full body treatment includes warm and cold basalt stones, aromatherapy and reflexology on hands and feet!
  • Hot Stone Massage - The direct heat from hot stones relaxed muscles and allows manipulations of a greater intensity than that of a relaxation massage.
    hot stone
  • Prenatal Massage - A healthy way to reduce stress/anxiety and to promote overall wellness in all trimesters. Helps to relieve discomfort such as neck/back aches, leg cramps, sciatica, headaches, welling/edema and insomnia.

Skin Care

  • Relaxing Facial - This treatment will cleanse and moisturize your skin leaving you with a healthy glow.
  • Therapeutic Facial - This treatment is a deep cleanse of your skin and pores focusing on problematic areas.
  • Express Facial - This treatment is perfect for a quick cleanse, mask and moisturizer leaving your skin relaxed and fresh.
  • Microdermabrasion - Allows for immediate results. A skin rejuvenation procedure that removes the outer most layer of dead skin and stimulates the production of new skin cells.
  • Celebration Package - Make birthdays, anniversaries, or any occasion more meaningful with this package. Add this to any treatment. Includes a personalize sign, fresh fruit, whipped cream, chocolates and complementary beverage of choice. $25

A la Carte

  • Herbal Body Wrap - This treatment of over 20 hand-picked herbs greatly detoxifies your body and reduces pain. This ultimate relaxation treatment is accompanied by a lavender scalp massage.
  • Sugar Scrub - Our sugar scrub is designed to exfoliate the outer most layer of dead skin leaving you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Followed by a skin moisturizer.
  • Stretch Therapy - This treatment improves workout recovery, reduce his pain, improve his flexibility and circulation. Moist heat and ice included.
  • Lymph Drainage Massage
  • Fascia Blaster - This treatment helps rid of cellulite, improves circulation and helps reduce pain and accelerates muscle recovery.
  • Ultrasound Treatment - Ultrasound uses heat and ultrasonic waves to break up muscle adhesions and greatly reduce pain.
  • Kinseo taping - Kineso tape is used to support/facilitate muscle healing and reduce spasms.
  • In-Clinic Chair Massage
  • Corporate Chair Massage - Contact our clinic for more information.