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It was nice to hear from you today. I am glad things are going well for you and the family.

I wanted to share with you and your staff my appreciation for all that you were able to do for me and my back. I have started to have back pain about 10 years ago. I had relied on chiropractic care to give me short term relief but found that any little stress on my back resulted in the pain coming back. This last event I was lifting some heavy items in my garage and could feel my back give out immediately. The next day I went to the chiropractor hoping for some kind of relief. After over 5 weeks of 3 adjustments a week I felt that the treatments were doing more harm than good. In fact, the pain became so unbearable that I had to be on muscle relaxers and pain killers just to be able to get out of bed in the morning.

I knew I needed to take a different route to solve this problem. I spoke with many of my friends and associates that have back problems and few if any was able to share any long term success from their surgical and non-surgical solutions. Most of them had resolved to live with their limitations and pain from their back issues. I was determined to find a non-surgical treatment to my problem. This is when I happened to see your clinic on my way to work.

I felt so fortunate the day I decided to stop into your clinic. As you remember I almost had to crawl into your waiting room. After you described your system, I was convinced it was worth a shot. I was amazed that I was able to see in immediate difference after the first treatment. As the treatments progressed my pain decreased and my mobility increased. The total comprehensive program that you offer in addition to the DRX 9000 treatment, I believe it made the difference for me. I appreciated the way that you were able to lay out the program and help me understand the timetable for success. This helped me to not get discouraged through the weeks that followed.

It has now been 6 weeks after my last treatment and I can honestly say that I have zero to lower back pain and I have 100% of my mobility. I have traveled on long trips, I am exercising every day and have done a significant amount of gardening without any discomfort. I attribute that fact that I now have a painless life again to you.

Thanks again,

Wade J. Groetsch
Blue Lake Citrus Products, LLS

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