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Thank you so much for giving me back my life. Since my auto accident in February of 2003 I have been in almost constant pain. I couldn't get a full nights sleep because I could only lie in bed for two or three hours before the pain would return. I couldn't walk; in fact I needed to rent an electric wheelchair in order to get around, Even sitting caused me unbearable pain in my back I couldn't even stand at the stove to cook a meal and worse should I have had to lift even a quart of milk I felt the searing pain.

Being an artist, and loving my work the absolute worst was that I was unable to do any airbrush work at all. Two surgeries and countless M.R.I.'s later I was told by my surgeon that if any relief was to be expected I would need to be scheduled for a third surgery as soon as possible. I even had an epidural between the surgeries and got no relief from it. Even the steroid packs that the doctor prescribed only masked some of the pain for a few days. According to the doctor, the M.R.I. report showed that another disc in my back was damaged and the surgery, as well as pain medication were necessary to hopefully temporarily relieve some of the pain.

Fearful of having another surgery and being told by the surgeon that this operation would more than likely only be a temporary fix, and that there were no guarantees that it would work at all I visited the Spinal Restoration Clinic of Winter Haven. After the very first treatment on the machine I slept through the night, pain free. After each successive treatment my strength grew and my pain receded. After my full regimen of 20 treatments and physical therapy I am back at work, and can again start living my life free from pain and misery.

These treatments cost only a fraction of the cost of surgery. There was no risk as there is from surgery or anesthesia. I had virtually no down time, and best of all it worked. I am again able to work, play and enjoy each new day instead of dreading it. I take no pain medications, and I've never been happier or felt healthier.

I never thought that I would ever be able to live pain and drug free again.

Thank you very much.

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