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May 20, 2005, (in Michigan) I had my first sciatica nerve attack starting with # 10 pain level. I was totally shocked and did not realize what in the world was happening. From this date, I progressively went completely down hill.

My normal life style is that I am a wired, energetic person that loves to disco, dance, gold, fish and lots of activities/projects which means I cannot stand to be idle too long. Lots of things to do and places to go - that's me!

I went to my doctor at Beaumont Hospital, Troy, Michigan where I was prescribed a narcotic type pain medicine normally used for terminal cancer patients to relieve my #10 pain. The month of July I was actually in a wheelchair. I took myself off this narcotic July 28, 200 5, as the side effects were too strong and I couldn't handle it. At the time, I had #7 or #8 pain level.

The next procedure was the injection of 3 epidural shots in my spine. These shots did help to the point of returning me to 75 - 80 % of normal. The problem was - I could stand, walk and lay in the prone position very comfortably but I could no longer do any activities or projects that I was used to doing. I still had pain in my hip and down my right leg.

If possible, my goal was to get back to 100%.

I checked with Tampa Spine Institute to see if I qualified for laser surgery. After reviewing my MRI, Dr. Perry called and said, "Yes, I was a candidate." The surgery would cost about $25,000 - $30,000, which meant a cost of approximately $10,000 out of my pocket with insurance coverage. Plus, 70% of patients requiring additional surgery. I thought I'd better check out other options if any were available.

In 2006, a friend of mine gave me a brochure from Spinal Restoration Inc. Winter Haven. After reading the brochure, I did my homework and checked on my computer for all possible info available about the DRX9000. I was totally impressed by thought this would be too good to be true. I decided to go for it!

I had 20 sessions on the DXR9000 starting March 15th through May 5th 2006. After 3 treatments, I left Spinal Restoration Inc., walked directly to my car and just hopped into my driver's seat like I did 10 years before. I forgot, as I did not have any pain.

Now remember, I'm writing this letter more than 4 months after my last treatment. I run up and down stairs, golf, plus painted my living room, hallway and kitchen. Everything is absolutely back to where I was 10 years ago. Plus, I think I'm about 1 1/2" taller.

I want to thank Angie Horton & Staff for returning my life back to my wife and me. We are so fortunate to have met you and have become a very important part of our life.

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